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Zero to advanced, robotics for the garage innovator gang!

Compelete Free tutorial on:

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  1. C-Programming for Embedded Systems

  2. Introduction to Microcontrollor Programming
    ( Using AVR-Studio and Atmega328P Arduino UNO Board )

  3. Student Project: Developing a Persistence of Vision Propeller Display

  4. Tutorial on TicTacToe Playing Robot

  5. PebbleBot: Arduino based robotic car, which can use candies (coloured tablets) to write a Name

  6. Indigenous (Deshi) Quadcopter

Arduino RGB POV Display Arduino Robot Arm plays Tic Tac Toe using MATLAB and C-program
Arduino POV Persistence of Vision Propeller Clock TicTacToe Playing Robotic Arm (SCARA)
Scrolling Text on Arduino based DIY Persistence of Vision Display Displaying and Varying RPM limits on the Arduino based DIY Persistence of Vision Display Clock

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