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  1. MultiWii is a software to control a RC multi copter: MultiWii is an open source software project aiming to provide the brain of a RC controlled multi rotor flying platform. It is compatible with several hardware boards and sensors.
    1. MultiWii: Historic Home Page
    2. MultiWii: Wiki
    3. MultiWii: Download MultiWii_2.4
    4. MultiWii, some circuits and Question Answers: Berkely blog on

  2. Using MultiWii with nRF24L01+
    YouTube Video: Data telemetry with MultiWii integrated nRF24L01
    also view (optional)
    YouTube Video: IMU telemetry via nRF24L01 ack payload (arduino) by the same author
    Cloud Rocket
    Adding nRF24L01based RX to MultiWii

  3. Question: How to calibrate Accelerometer?
    1. DisARM the copter. (The MultiWii GUI will show if it is armed). There would be some mechanism to DisARM it; It may be a Joystick combination OR Special button on remote to ARM/ DisARM the copter, this function acts as described in the MultiWii Arduino code.
      ARM DisARM
    2. Calibrate the Accelerometer: YouTube 00:17:00 to end of video (1_7) CRIUS MultiWii SE V2.5 Board - Initial setup and configuration

  4. Question: How to use AUX switches?
    View the YouTube Video: Start Time: 00:04:00 to end of video
    (4_7) MultiWii modes - radio, connection and software setup
  5. Question: How to orient MPU6050
    Ans: Example: What you think is X-axis in MultiWii GUI, is actually Y-axis on the GY-521 / MPU 6050. Here are some hints:
    1. From MPU6050 datasheet, refer this image. This image shows the manufacturer’s specifications of X, Y, Z axis w.r.t. MPU6050 silicon chip:
      XYZ axis of MPU6050
    2. Also check the physical orientation of MPU on the Quadcopter:
      Orientation of MPU on Quad
    3. Establish some relation between Quadcopter's (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) with X, Y, Z axis.
      Example: Something like:
      Yaw is anti-clockwise rotation along +Z axis
    4. HINT: In the MultiWii code, find the lines like:
      Code edit
      and modify at the correct instance. These lines may be at multiple places in code, you need to figure out which onces will be complied for your quadcopter model.
    5. After above modifications, connect Quadcopter with MultiWii GUI and see real-time data again. You might need to repeat the process, while it is done correctly.

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