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Chapter 05

Interfacing the IR Remote

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RC5 Protocol
Manchester code

In telecommunication and data storage, Manchester coding (also known as Phase Encoding, or PE) is a line code in which the encoding of each data bit has at least one transition and occupies the same time. It therefore has no DC component, and is self-clocking, which means that it may be inductively or capacitively coupled, and that a clock signal can be recovered from the encoded data. (No need for a seperate/addtional clock signal)

The name comes from its development at the University of Manchester, where the coding was used to store data on the magnetic drum of the Manchester Mark 1 computer.

Manchester coding is widely used (e.g., in Ethernet; see also RFID or Near Field Communication).

Bi-Phase pulse

RC-5 from Philips

Several standards exist for IR wireless communication for remote control applications. The widely used coding scheme is RC-5 from Philips. This coding type is briefly described in the following section. shows the RC-5 frame format.

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