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Chapter 13

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This was the very first propeller display develped by me. The thought process started in July 2012 (Till June 2013 I had developed 5 more prototypes). If someone wants to work on the same hand-made version project then the following things must be noted:

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View Center LED Multi Coloured Pie Slices
Perfect Center A Pattern
Multi Color Multiple Slices PCB Protyping
Multiple Patterns PCB Prototyping

Major Drawbacks of the project:
  1. Vibrations: Mechanical Vibrations were too much. At one side of the propeller there was Arduino which was heavier, than the another side which had only LEDs.
  2. Efficiency: The rotatory transformer was not designed efficiently, it was made just for testing the idea. The primary coil heated up due to low resistance (and low impedence) when PWM was applied.
  3. Dark Circles: Though the LEDs were mounted back to back, there was distance between visible windows of the LEDs. The LED boundaries caused dark circles. This problem persisted in all the POV displays I had seen on internet. The concept of odd-even LED groupping solves this problem (Starting from Version 4 of my design)
  4. High precision tools are required for RGB LED connections.
  1. Kick Start: Start from what you have, where you are. No PCB schematic designing, no copper-clad etching etc.
  2. Low cost.

The following pages describes, how it was made, in a step-by-step way.
1 Picture = 1000 words
So, its more pictorial then textual !

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